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Mitsuyo TOHARA

  • Folk
  • Amami
  • music


Amami folk song singer who lives in Kasari town where Shimata (Amami folk song) is thriving. I was interested in the singer's uncle's shamisen and Shimauta (Okinawan music), and the first stage was a folk song tournament held locally in 1987. The 9th Amami Folk Song Grand Prize Rookie Award KTS Prize, the 12th Japan Folk Song Grand Prize Kagoshima Prefecture Prefectural Grand Prize 1st place, Heisei year 12th Japan Folk Song Grand Prize National Convention Japan Folk Song Grand Prize, etc. Since 1998, he has held a Shimauta (Okinawan music) class at Kasari Town Central Community Center, and has been carrying out lore activities of Shimauta (Okinawan music) auta.

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