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TADOKORO Yoshiyuki

  • music
  • Folk
  • Shimauta pop music


Born in Tokyo, raised in Chiba and lives in Yokohama. He studied piano from age 5 and was in charge of keyboards in a new wave band when he was a student. I landed in Okinawa for the first time in 1993 and was shocked by the Okinawan folk music I met there. In 2002, he was an introduction to a certain school of Okinawan folk music, but after that he escaped by a master and studied Usanshin by self-taught. After that, he studied under Tsunami Tsunami and belonged to the Okinawan folk music Preservation Association and presided over the Okinawan folk music Club “Yokohama Keikokai.” Currently, he performs live activities mainly in Yokohama while singing Okinawan folk music songs and original songs, while also serving as a local song for Okitsuru Eisa folk dance. Won the best prize in “Woman of foot Tebichi” at the original Shimauta (Okinawan music) contest “S-1 Grand Prix 2008".

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