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Shiser (FUJIKI Hayato)

  • Comedy
  • The stage
  • comic


Born in 1961. He joined the theater company “Laughing Construction Extreme Group” in 1985, joined the Rinken Band the following year, and continued his activities while working at the post office. He retired from the post office in 1990, and since then he has expanded his field of activity to TV, radio, and movies in addition to bands. He left the Rinken Band in 1993 and performed the first performance of the solo play “Uchina~Delusional Chronicles”. In 2001, he appeared in the NHK TV series novel “Chura-san,” and also served as an instructor of Okinawa Kodoba, and gained popularity. Currently, as a “Uchina-storyteller,” he performs solo plays and rakugo with the theme of Okinawa on the stage, and is also active in a wide range of TV, movies, radio, writing, etc. In 2013/10, he received a name from Shinosuke Tachikawa, who had studied for many years, and the name of the dais was “Shisa.”

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